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If you don’t feed your soul, the world will feed it for you

Posted by: admin in: ● August 17, 2017

We’re all pretty aware that in order to live a long and healthy life, we have to take care of ourselves. It’s recommended that we eat whole foods, exercise regularly and take vitamins that help nourish us or correct any deficiencies. Focusing on our physical well-being is wonderful but so many of us forget that […]

Church of God, arise and pray! “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer”. 1Peter 4: 7 We are entering into another phase of scriptural prophesy. World powers are now forming confederacies and planning conspiracies; Allies and groups are also emerging with their perspectives and agendas. […]

The power of Gratitude

Posted by: admin in: ● March 24, 2013

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle I love the smell of spring in the air. I love the hope of new possibilities that comes with the changing breeze. I love the view of new life springing up. Most importantly, I love the feeling of inspiration that comes with the new season. I’ve always admired how life imitates […]

For those in waiting –It’ll get here when it gets here

Posted by: admin in: ● February 25, 2013

When you lose someone, they say you go through 5 stages of grief –denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance (in no specific sequence). The same principle can be applied to when you ask God or the Universe for something big and life changing and you find yourself in waiting. You go through very similar stages […]

Watch and Pray

Posted by: admin in: ● August 30, 2010

Matthew Ch. 6 vs. 9-13 The people of this world are always busy. Stock Markets, Financial Portfolios, Business Meetings and many more consume our everyday lives. We invest money, time, attention and passion in many things but God. Failures, disappointments and catastrophes come as a result of wrong equations. Minus God is nothing whilst plus […]

Promise, Process and the Prize

Posted by: zpdm in: ● July 6, 2009

Habakkuk Ch. 2 vs. 3-4 Promise, Process and the Prize As I began to seek direction as to what our message for the week would be, I was presented with these three words, Promise, Process, Prize. Now let me move a step forward towards decoding what Divine Intelligence was trying to put across to us. […]