Watch and Pray

Matthew Ch. 6 vs. 9-13

The people of this world are always busy. Stock Markets, Financial Portfolios, Business Meetings and many more consume our everyday lives. We invest money, time, attention and passion in many things but God. Failures, disappointments and catastrophes come as a result of wrong equations. Minus God is nothing whilst plus God equals everything. When we partner with God and ask for divine guidance in every endeavor, our lives become less stressful. We also become certain of an expected end which is pleasing and wonderful. Prayer has never been anything rigid or stressful, it is simply an intimate conversation with your Heavenly Father. Share your thoughts with him, bare your mind to your Creator. He’s ever ready to fix every problem. God laughs when we’re overtly silly. He in fact encourages when we are down and depressed. Start that intimacy today and see how things change for good.