Promise, Process and the Prize

Posted by: zpdm in: ● July 6, 2009

Habakkuk Ch. 2 vs. 3-4

Promise, Process and the Prize

As I began to seek direction as to what our message for the week would be, I was presented with these three words, Promise, Process, Prize. Now let me move a step forward towards decoding what Divine Intelligence was trying to put across to us. It is all about that promise that you’re holding on to. A child, a new house, funding for a project, a life partner or healing in your body. The next step is the process, which is embedded in the principles and laws of God. There is actually a divine order and an appointed time. The promise is the seed and the process is the germination period, all of which are in accordance with the purpose and plan of God. Finally, comes the prize which is a reward for waiting, believing and expecting without any shadow of doubt. Whatever stage you are, hold on to your faith and keep your eye on the “Prize”! 

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Pastor Tele

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