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Posted by: admin in: ● June 14, 2015

Depending on the unmerited favor of God can be so rewarding; it is in fact comparable to having an open check or dining at a buffet. The provision of our God is inexhaustible, every thing has been paid for; we only need to show up with all willingness to enjoy it all.  Some people actually […]

Freedom is not free

Posted by: admin in: ● July 3, 2013

John Ch. 3 vs. 16   How often do we revel and bask in other people’s glory?  (our rich parents, ancestors, notable friends and relatives). We boast about pedigree and achievement, forgetting that some people fought the wars, built the walls and labored to acquire the fortune we rely upon. Others died so that we […]

Think about this!

Posted by: admin in: ● September 3, 2012

I have never ceased to wonder about the confidence of the birds of the air. They fly across the expanse of the sky with such authority, claiming dominion, flexing their wings and diving up and down to the amazement of the fascinated watcher. The fish of the sea also swim the length and breadth of […]