Depending on the unmerited favor of God can be so rewarding; it is in fact comparable to having an open check or dining at a buffet. The provision of our God is inexhaustible, every thing has been paid for; we only need to show up with all willingness to enjoy it all.  Some people actually find it extremely difficult to receive because they are arrogant and have no understanding of the unconditional love of the heavenly Father. In fact we are all guilty of not entering into the rest of God; we love God but we do not understand His ways. The book of Mathew 11: 28 is an invitation into the eternal love of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ said “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” What exactly can stop us from jumping at this offer? The only thing that will stop us is our little minds; which are yet to be receptive to the grace of God which has been extended to us through Christ; enabling us to have sufficiency in all things. Believing the word of God is faith, accepting it is the greatest wisdom; doubting His integrity is nothing more than ignorance and utter foolishness! Our inability to come to terms with the pure and sincere love of the Father will make our journeys extremely long and very enduring. Israel the chosen nation of God suffered in the wilderness for forty years because of doubt and unbelief, they were so much entrenched in their slave mentality; They likened God to Pharaoh the task master who never kept his word. An experience that was divinely planned to be full of fun and excitement became a nightmare. The journey through the wilderness was prolonged unnecessarily because of disobedience and lack of trust!

Some times, we judge ourselves by our past or present relationship with God and many more. How often do we talk about how we do not consider ourselves worthy of Gods favor or mercy. A lot of people don’t believe they can receive freely even after Jehovah gave freely His only son as a sacrificial lamb to carry the burdens of our sins.  Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities and He purchased our peace and wellness with His precious blood. We definitely grieve God when we doubt His ever good and ever sure intentions towards us; we grieve Him more, when we live like paupers in the midst of abundant provision. He made us  kings and priests with full access and dominion over the earth and it’s fullness yet we are afraid to operate in this new dimension because we are holding on to the past that has become totally deleted from the Creator’s file. It’s time to break the alabaster box, allowing a free flow oil which signifies our freedom from fear and limitations; the time has come for us to worship and bow down at the feet of the one who has promised to do exceedingly, even abundantly above that which we desire. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the holy spirit is not only a divine assurance but an eternal insurance with the highest benefits.