Prophetic Message, 2023. Trinity Blessing!

This is a year of completion! Father, Son and Holy Spirit are on assignment this year. The promise, the process and the prize. This shall be a year to receive the prize! Holy Trinity shall be the tripod, a perfect support for the weight of this year’s blessings. Are you ready to receive the overflow of good and marvelous things God has already set before His children in this new season? This shall be a year of entering His gate with thanksgiving and praise, a year that we will receive in righteousness. There shall be a powerful alliance in heavenly places, which shall be manifested on earth.

The father, son and holy spirit becoming one in power and majesty will do great and mighty things in this new year. Get ready to receive! The rain is coming! There shall be an outpouring of the rain of blessings. Shalom

Prophetic Name: Jehovah Nissi

Prophetic Worship Song: King of Glory, King of Peace (Gwalchmai, Organ)
Richard M.S. Irwin

King of glory, King of peace
I will love Thee;
And that love may never cease
I will move Thee
Thou hast granted my request
Thou hast heard me
Thou didst note my working breast
Thou hast spared me

Wherefore with my utmost art
I will sing Thee
And the cream of all my heart
I will bring Thee
Though my sins against me cried
Thou alone didst clear me;
And alone, when they replied
Thou didst hear me

Seven whole days, not one in seven
I will praise Thee;
In my heart, though not in Heaven
I can raise Thee
Small it is, in this poor sort
To enroll Thee:
E’en eternity’s too short
To extol Thee

Songwriters: George Herbert, David Ashley White. For non-commercial use only.