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Becoming a Partner: Message from Pastor Tele Opakunle

Posted by: admin in: ● January 31, 2011

Peace and blessing of God to all our friends across the Diaspora. We thank the Lord our God who through his grace brought us together as a family. Through the enablement of God, Zion City Ministries have continued to stand in the gap counseling and interceding at all times for all of our family members […]

Zion City Ministries present: Prayer Tabernacle

Posted by: admin in: ● January 26, 2011

Did you miss Pastor Tele’s prayer session on Blog Talk Radio today? Click below to listen to the program in full.

To think, to believe and to know PT. 2

Posted by: admin in: ● January 23, 2011

Guest Writer: W. Opakunle I sat down earlier this week to compose an email to a potential client. As I constructed my email, I looked it over frequently and inserted buzz words that I thought would catch the client’s eye. Several emotions ran through me, from how amazing it would be to hear back from […]

To think, to believe and to know

Posted by: admin in: ● January 16, 2011

Guest Writer: W. Opakunle As pursuers of truth and purpose, we all go through 3 stages in this remarkable journey of ours called “life.” It all begins with the phrase “I think” – I think I’m capable; I think I can do this; I think it will be okay…When we begin to grasp the truth […]

Standing in the Gap: Arizona Massacre

Posted by: admin in: ● January 10, 2011

“God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain”. (Revelation 21:4) Please join Zion City Ministries to pray for the people of Arizona. Pray concerning the following: Emotional healing in the state of Arizona. Miraculous recovery for those who are in critical condition in […]

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