To think, to believe and to know

Guest Writer: W. Opakunle

As pursuers of truth and purpose, we all go through 3 stages in this remarkable journey of ours called “life.” It all begins with the phrase “I think” – I think I’m capable; I think I can do this; I think it will be okay…When we begin to grasp the truth behind who we really are, belief steps in. I believe that I can make it; I believe that I’m more than capable; I believe that I will find love. You can think, you can certainly believe but nothing beats knowing. Knowing that you are a divine being, knowing that God is in you as you are in him, knowing that you can never be separated from God and that you are the perfect manifestation of the power and presence of God…Nothing beats knowing. To know that you are divine love, to know that you can never lack because you are the definition of infinite abundance, is to know true bliss as God intended. Knowing is the state we were meant to live in, it is who we are and who we were created to be. Your current life circumstances may be hindering you from seeing this truth at the moment but just because there are clouds covering the sun and you can’t see it, doesn’t mean the sun ceases to exist.

Wishing you a week of joy and prosperity,