International Network of Christian Intercessors presents: Praying for global peace and concerns. (Thursday, March 22, 2012)

We are seeing Biblical prophesies coming to pass daily as we experience great chaos and uncertainty across nations of the world. This is indeed, the time to pray without ceasing!

  1.     Please pray that the mercy of God will prevail over the earth. Plead the blood Jesus, our Passover lamb over yourself and all that are yours daily.
  2.     Pray a hedge of protection around your family so that the evil wind, blowing around the world will not touch or harm them.
  3.     Travail in prayer and resist the power of the evil one that has come to steal, kill and destroy.
  4.     Invoke the the power of the Spirit of the living God that comes like a flood to quench every fiery dart.
  5.     This is the time to step up on the use of the Word of God. Speak words of faith and not doubt, hope and not despair, victory and not defeat, life and not death.
  6.     Call the name of Jesus at all times. This is the name that is above every other name.
  7.     Do not play arrogance or be unconcerned. Remember the days of the great flood, and the story of Noah. You have seen and heard so much of what is happening in the world. Nobody knows who is next or what can happen in the next second, minute or hour. Do not fear but focus your eyes on Him that can save, protect and deliver you.
  8.     Use the gift of tongues, your Holy Ghost language. Do not be ashamed to use it. It instantly connects your to the throne of God. Let rivers of living water flow out of your belly. (John 7;38) Pray until the tangible presence of God comes around you, destroying every yoke.