Zion City Ministries Presents: 31 Days of Gratitude (December 1-31)

Gratitude (photo courtesy of www.lilomm.com)

Day 1.  I celebrate the Giver of life.

Day 2. I give thanks for the gift of life.

Day 3. I give thanks for my wonderful life.

Day 4. I celebrate God’s protection through out 2013.

Day 5. I acknowledge God’s abundant provision through out the year.

Day 6. I give thanks for my wonderful family.

Day 7. I celebrate the favor and mercy of God throughout the year.

Day 8. Thank God for continuous redemption and washing by the blood of Jesus.

Day 9. Praise God for divine encounters and connections.

Day 10. Praise God for divine directions.

Day 11. I give thanks for innumerable blessings I cannot see.

Day 12.I give thanks for friends associates and colleagues.

Day 13. I celebrate the abundant earth where I live and have dominion.

Day 14. I give thanks for every mountain and every ocean I was able to pass through- Glory to my God.

Day 15. I give thanks for my church and other ministries of God that fed my spirit when I was hungry and thirsty for help.

Day 16. I praise God for the divine healing of my body and soul.

Day 17. Praise God for his goodness.

Day 18. Praise God, my peace.

Day 19. Praise God, my righteousness.

Day 20. Praise God, for His abiding presence.

Day 21. Praise God, who fought my battles in the year 2013.

Day 22. Praise God, my refuge and fortress.

Day 23. Bless the Lord oh my soul, forget not His benefits.

Day 24. I will speak of His mercies all day long.

Day 25. I will never forget all He has done for me.

Day 26.  I give thanks for His presence, I have found fullness of joy.

Day 27. Praise God, my heavenly Father and friend.

Day 28. Oh Lord, my help in ages past, you will always be my help in years to come, I praise you.

Day 29. I love you Lord.

Day 30. Glory honor and adoration, to the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Day 31. Praise God in the highest, praise Him in the heavens, Praise Him on Earth.