Whatever we bind on Earth…

Matthew Ch. 18 vs. 18

The word of God is so amazing and very potent. I am also always excited to experience new revelations, every time I read a scripture that I have read over and over again. Matthew 18:18 is my latest encounter. It is interesting to know that Man is the initiator of his own miracle (Your word creates your world). The power (Dunamis) to call into existence those things that are not, has been given to us from the foundation of the earth. The authority (Exousia) to decree anything that is in the perfect will of God is also ours. The answer we’re looking for is not in the sky, it’s here on earth. In fact, it is closer than we dare to believe, all we have to do is look within. Whatever we allow here on earth is allowed in heaven and whatsoever we disallow stands to be rejected above.