A short but precise word of encouragement by a respected man of God brought back my attention to the second verse of Psalm 91. “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress, my God; in him will I trust.” After reading the sermon, I went over this verse over and over again, then the revelation came; It was like, daughter of Zion, what will you personally say of the Lord? It was such a surreal experience that caught me off guard! I looked up and my heart was filled with love for my heavenly Father; I opened my mouth and words of appreciation started flowing from the depth of my heart. I said ” God I also acknowledge you as my refuge and fortress. You are my very present help in times of trouble, my strength and my shield. Lord you are my provider, my healer and first love. Daddy, you are a friend indeed and in need. I can say that there is none like you! You are my peace and righteousness. Lord you are the mighty One of Zion, the Holy One of Israel; a mighty warrior that is great in battle, the unchanging God that can change any situation. Elohim, you are the Commander of the universe; heaven is your throne, the earth is your foot stool. Eternal Rock of Ages you are the Creator of the universe, you have got the whole world in your hands. Lord you are the musician, I am the dancer, you make the symphony and I listen with delight.  At the mention of your name, my heart beats and leaps; the aroma of your presence is so refreshing to me and all I want to do is marinade in it. I love you Lord.”

Now on your side, what will you say of the Lord? Look for at least ten people that you can share God’s goodness with, declare His glory in the congregation of the people of God. Let us magnify our God from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city and nation to nation. Let the earth speak of His majesty and power declaring His sovereign rule over all things! Kindly forward this message across nations of the world, let us come together and build a monument of praise for our God! Shalom.