This is the time to pray!

Hebrews Ch. 4 vs. 16

This is the time to pray!

Economic crisis, wars, drought, environmental pollution, sudden disasters and pestilence have all become a common global experience. From Iraq to Sudan, Haiti to Philippines, Somalia to Nigeria and other nations of the world come the cries and agonies of pain. What will then be the end of this evil cycle and how do we stop it? True repentance, righteousness, selfless service and agape love are some of the tools we need, but most importantly we need Intercessors who will stand in the gap and pray. We need Spiritual Activists and a movement of God.  Friends, this is a time to pray without ceasing. Let us rise up and be watchmen, let us pray for change and a healing of the land. Are you then willing to fast and pray until the breaking of a new dawn? E-mail Pastor Tele at to make a commitment.

  • Women of Esther Prayer Band Tuesdays 6am-6pm Fast/Prayer (praying for families, orphans, widows, peace and disarmament.)
  • Men of Isaacher Prayer Band Fridays 6am-6pm Fast/Prayer (praying for global peace, disarmament, world leaders and other concerns.)