The Universe’s Delivery System

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle

Last week, I wrote about placing custom orders with the Universe and spoke about what it takes to wait patiently for God to deliver exactly what we’ve asked for. Today, I’d like to expand a little more on what happens behind the scenes. I was inspired to write about this after recently placing an order online with Amazon. The moment I hit the “place order” button, I was excited about my shipment. Even though I’ve bought a million things from Amazon in the past, I still thought out loud ” I wonder how long it’ll take for them to process my order.” I got excited later that evening when I received a confirmation that my order had been received and was being processed. I got even more excited when two days later, I was sent an email letting me know that my order had been shipped.

Although the email also stated that I wouldn’t be able to track my shipment for another day, I nonetheless, clicked on the tracking number and proceeded to stalk the shipping website everyday. “Oh great, it’s left the east coast,” I thought on Tuesday. “Why has it been sitting in a warehouse in Sacramento for two days?” I thought on Thursday. On Friday, I wondered why it took another two days for my package to be delivered since it had already arrived in my city.

Through my constant musings and questions, I never once called Amazon or the postal service to ask where my package was. I never thought it would get lost or that it would get to me and it wouldn’t be what I ordered. I trusted that from the very moment I placed my order, even though I couldn’t see the behind the scenes process, my order would be delivered to me intact. Why then can’t we ever seem to have the same blind trust that we so frequently bestow on men in God?

God sends you assurances the same way that Amazon sends you reminders along the way that your order is coming. Whether it’s through a quote or a message in church, even a sign on the bus, the message is always clear –“I’m thinking about you.” Putting together the order is a process. Getting it in transit and delivered is also a process. If you can believe that man, who so often makes mistakes will not get your order wrong, then I believe that God, the all knowing and seeing, the higher part of you who knows every desire and every want, God, who only wants the best for you, deserves the same courtesy.

This morning, I placed an order with the Universe. I’m trusting that my package will be delivered on time. Instead of doubt that my package will get lost, my eyes are firmly focused on the affirmations that are to come, letting me know that my order is being processed and is on its way. Instead of fear that i’ll get the wrong package, I’m excited that not only will I get the right one for me, I might even get a little something extra.