The Spiritual Law of Acceptance

Much has been said about the law of attraction. There have been outstanding testimonies and many disappointments. How do we then explain this disparity in results? First of all, we need to understand that the universe operates under laws and principles. There are Physical and Spiritual laws. The law of gravity which simply states that “anything that goes up must come down” is an example of a physical law. Aerodynamics which deals with motion of the air and its interaction with moving objects is also under this category.

Mankind is a spiritual being guided by spiritual laws. Some of these are Karma or Cause and Effect, Attraction, Spirit of life and death, Acceptance and Manifestation. These laws are real, and constant. They are also some times, interrelated and dependent on each other. The laws of Attraction, Acceptance and Manifestation are like the three stooges. They yield beneficial results when they are applied as a unit. Most people, attract by asking over a period of time, some even believe wholeheartedly that their good will come to them, but manifestation does not come because they cannot accept that they already have the blessing.

As long as we continue to judge the appearance of our good with the physical eyes, we cannot experience manifestation. The spiritual keen eyes should see the blessing already there, fully delivered. Lastly, an attitude of gratitude which is like the wings of angels will usher in that great vibration of an accomplished assignment.