The Kingdom of God is within you!

Luke Ch. 17 vs. 21

The Kingdom of God is within you! 

Endless Church Programs, Revivals, Crusades, listening to sermons typified by pure eloquence and mastery of words have all become a routine to most Christians. They’re searching and looking for peace, joy, prosperity, healing, miracles, signs and wonders. Indeed, they seek a kingdom or a state of serenity and perfection. Where exactly is the key to this Utopia? Jesus Christ, our great mentor and advocate provided the answer thousands of years ago. The Kingdom of God where your desires are met and fulfilled is within you! Believe it or not, God will not do for you, what he cannot do through you. Child of God, your journey starts from within. Love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, obedience and holiness are the bedrock of God’s Kingdom. As you imbibe these virtues, all other blessings shall surely be added unto you.

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        Pastor Tele