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Church of God, arise and pray! “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer”. 1Peter 4: 7 We are entering into another phase of scriptural prophesy. World powers are now forming confederacies and planning conspiracies; Allies and groups are also emerging with their perspectives and agendas. […]

Some years ago, the Lord spoke to me in a dream concerning a time when the yoke of the beast will weigh down on the earth and it’s inhabitants. I delivered this message in a large congregation of children of God. As I continue to see the wave and style of violence amongst people and […]

Prayer Points Psalm 29:3-4 New King James Version (NKJV) 3 The voice of the Lord is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; The Lord is over many waters. 4 The voice of the Lord is powerful; The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. Please pray that the powerful voice of God will silence […]

Please pray for people in the Mid West States of the United States of America who have just experienced severe tornado disaster. Pray for protection of all people and animals. Pray for peace in Syria, interceding for safety of families, especially innocent children being brutally shot by soldiers. Stand in the gap for children of […]

The devil is a liar! Now speak it like you really mean it: the devil is a liar! Hallelujah. Can I tell you something? This morning, as we were praying, the Spirit of the Lord said to me,”I’m opening up the heavens.” And the Lord said to me, “I’m making a way for even the […]