Sweet Memories

Nineteen years ago, I lost my younger sister. It was sudden and tragic. The pain was much, the wound was very ghastly. My heart bled for the loss of a sister, confidante and friend. I thought I would never be able to laugh again. In fact, I lost hope in everything. Then, memories of good times we spent together began to unfold like a fresh lotus. Her wonderful, kind and gentle spirit, her philosophy of living in the moment and the way she lived a life of giving in cash and kind. This was the beginning of the healing process which turned things around for me.

Looking back in retrospect, I now relate my pain to what millions of people who have lost sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and colleagues in various disasters are experiencing. The tsunami in Japan, September 11th in New York and Katrina in New Orleans, the Haiti catastrophe and such others are few examples of how mankind’s time table on earth can change within a second. How do we survive the agony of losing loved ones including pets? The antidote is found in reminiscing on sweet memories, appreciating and bonding with each other whilst we are still here and breathing.

Sweet memories are precious, they are indelible! Jesus Christ, the Messiah went through the agony of death. He was beaten, stricken and nailed to the cross; yet today, the sting of death has lost its power through great memories of his fantastic ministry on earth. Today, the world at large continues to celebrate his life over and above his death. May every soul that hurts receive healing and comfort as we hold on to sweet memories of our loved ones.