Spring Cleaning

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle

At the beginning of every season, I always take a weekend to clean my apartment from top to bottom. I also clean out my closet extensively, creating a pile of things that are no longer of value and most importantly things that I’ve outgrown. I find that it’s not only therapeutic but it’s also a great way of giving myself a fresh start and a new beginning.

This season, as I celebrated the arrival of Spring and as I embarked on my seasonal cleaning, I started to think about how effective it would be to apply the same notion of ‘getting rid of clothes and things that no longer fit’ to our life situations. I thought about those friends that are only ever interested in what’s going on with them (you know, those that call you under the pretense of seeing how you are but really only want to talk about how they are) to those that drain you with discussions of the same problem over and over again. Then there are those you’re not exactly sure you’re even friends with…do you love them or do they hate you? (we call those frenemies).

It’s truly amazing how much clutter we keep in our lives because we’re afraid of the empty space that’ll stare right back at us the moment we let go. What I can tell you from experience is that everytime you let go, you immediately open yourself up to something new, something better, and something that fits perfectly into that empty space. Every single time I’ve made my way to Goodwill and dropped of bags of clothes to help someone else in need, I’ve noticed within a few weeks that my closet goes back to being full again. Now that could be a sign that I love shopping entirely too much but I choose to believe that as I open my hands and let go, I’m immediately replenished.

Today, I’m going to ask you to do something in honor of the new season. I’m going to ask you to take inventory and start cleaning out the people and situations that do not add value to your life. Be selfish with your time and be protective of your soul and spirit. Refuse to let certain people and their life situations taint your sacred space. If you don’t want to cut someone off, then put limits on your time with them. Put limits on what you will and will not allow from them. You can’t control or change other people, the only person whose actions you have power over is you.

Take control of your life, your time and your space. Create multiple piles and if something or someone does not add value to your life, put them in the trash pile. Happy cleaning!