Setting yourself free from the enemy of progress: Procrastination

Procrastination is hiding in the shadow of the future when you should deal with “now”. It is all about delay tactics, which turn seven days journey into seven years. Procrastination thwarts growth and hinders progress. It is a canker worm that thrives on excuses at all times and in every situation. Somebody once called procrastination a lazy man’s syndrome, yet the issue may transcend laziness and border on fear. It may be fear of failure, criticism, or even success. The fear being exercised may be a result of rejection that was experienced in the past. Some people suffer from confusion and they procrastinate to run away from sorting things out.

What are the consequences of procrastination?

1. Unachievable goals and objectives
2. A constant feeling of frustration
3. Retardation
4. Ultimate failure

The following are ways to tackle the problem:

1. Identify the pain
2. Identify underlying cause
3. Create awareness of cause and effect of actions
4. Set new goals
5. Set up machinery for constant evaluation of set goals
6. Device a form of reward for achieving set goals and objectives
7. Find an accountability partner
8. Draw strength from higher consciousness