Prophetic Word for 2010…There will be no more delay

Prophetic Word for 2010…

Revelation Ch. 10

There will be no more delay

On behalf of Zion City Ministries Inc., I wish all our friends and partners a wonderful and prosperous new year. I proceed to express the prophetic word for the year 2010. “There will be no more delay,” says the Lord. As children of God continue to trust, obey and follow the precepts of God, they shall be set free from every bondage. Restoration shall come through sincere repentance. Though bitter, only the truth shall set free. These are the promises of God for those who stand in righteousness.

1. This year will be a manifestation of Alpha and Omega. The Lord will begin and finish. There will be no more delay.

2. There will be the birthing of new things. Hopes shall be fulfilled and desires perfected.

3. It shall indeed be a complete cycle and a perfect order.

4. There shall be the healing of the land, the soul, the body, finances, relationships and many more. There shall be wholeness and nothing shall be missing.

5. Expect multiple blessings even in the midst of drought. There shall be pleasant surprises for those who trust and believe.

6. Judgment shall also not tarry. “I will expose the hidden secret and treachery of the wicked” says the Lord. Their linens shall be washed publicly and it shall be an open show for all eyes to see.

7. Fear not the terror by night nor the destruction at noon. The hand of the Lord will protect and guide his children and they will not be ashamed.

8. Use the blood of the Lamb of God without restrain. There shall be epidemics and outburst of affliction but my blood shall be your banner of protection. “All evil shall pass you over” says the Lord. Shalom, Shalom, Shalom.