Power Of The Spoken Word

It is interesting to know that the words we use daily, can build or destroy us. We are living in an environment where words are tossed around like a sprinkle of salt which gives a meal the necessary flavor. Curse words, derogatory words, limiting and hurtful words sum up the totality of what we become. Energy and vibrations come with every utterance; creating a monster or a saint, hell or heaven. As we use words like “Can’t”, “Sick andoTired”, “Hanging on”, “Loser”, and many more that become embedded in our being like plaque stuck on a tooth, we are far removed from the perfect will of God. Through incessant use of negative words, the modern man has become limited in many ways.

In the very beginning was the Word, that Word was God and the Word was the essence of His total being. The heavenly Father created everything that He made with the Word. He spoke and all things were established. That Word was life and nothing could destroy it. Through Christ Jesus we have all inherited that life; He died, rose and made each one of us His perfect dwelling place. How then can we re-write our stories? You may like to check out these suggestions.

1. You are a creator.
2. The word you speak is life.
3. Vibrations and energy come with every word.
4. You are creating every time you speak.
5. Think before you speak.
6. Resist every word that devalues your essence.
7. Do not allow others to create a mess around you with their words.
8. Speak words of encouragement into your life daily.
9. Look at yourself in the mirror and declare that you are beautiful, smart, unlimited, and able.
10 You are re- writing your life story already.