Out of nowhere

The greatest miracles on earth are results of “out of nowhere,” in fact mighty men and women of substance and valor have many times  sprung out of nowhere. The Bible is also full of celebrities that came out of nowhere. Samuel the young lad came from obscurity to take up the mantle of the prophet of Israel, from his arrogant mentor, Eli. David the shepherd boy came out of the bush where he was tendering his father’s sheep to be announced and nominated as king over Israel. Joseph the dreamer, the son of Jacob came from the pit to the prison and right into the palace of Pharaoh as the minister for finance, food and agriculture. His promotion took effect in a foreign land. The peasant girl, Mary came from the land of nowhere to become the mother of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Esther the Jewish slave girl unexpectedly ascended to the throne of King Ahasuerus of the  Persian Kingdom as a wife and queen.

In modern day history, great people like Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama and many more have defied odds, and now have their names written in the annals of history. What do these people have in common? They were divinely chosen and positioned because God saw something worthwhile in them; he found solid ground he could build on.  Our heavenly Father is always looking for whom to send on a mission. How do we qualify for nomination and what qualifies us? God is always looking for virtues like sincerity, boldness, commitment, faith, humility, love and compassion. He is enthused by our passion to serve humanity (selfless service), Moses, David, Esther, Joseph, and such others were all compassionate and this made them candidates of God’s choice. Anybody who has a yearning heart to serve others is a possible nominee for God’s promotion. God sees the heart of all people. He is the judge of every intention and rewards those who love him and diligently seek to serve Him. He is still looking for candidates, are you eligible? If you desire to be his appointed ambassador, please humble yourself, upon your knees with your hands raised, declare that you are totally under his divine leadership and control.