Optimism: A wonderful antidote for stress

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at an acorn and already see a mighty oak? How about perceiving every image of despair as hope and transmuting every idea of sorrow into joy. Sounds too technical, doesn’t it? Well the idea is about focusing your energy on a positive outcome rather than a negative one. When you train your mind’s lens to project beyond what you see and then begin to allow it to build a perfect and pure image, you will automatically be set free from pollutants that poison your true and perfect essence. How then can we create that heaven on earth? Check out these suggestions.
  1. For every problem, there is a solution
  2. This too shall pass, cycles always come and go
  3. Live in the moment and allow every situation to be
  4. Do not fear , there is nothing to fear except fear itself
  5. What ever your situation, it is not unique to you alone
  6. Offer no resistance to any situation so that you don’t give it power
  7. Visualize the perfect situation and what seems to be the problem will eventually fall off your shoulders
  8. Meditate on the ultimate and perfect desire and outcome
  9. Decree and declare that it’s a done deal
  10. Celebrate and give gratitude for your expected outcome