Message to a Nation in distress

“Thus saith the Lord unto Nigeria…”

Peace and Blessing of God to all friends and family of the Zion City Ministries worldwide. It has been a while since I last sent out the Zion Mail. I have been on retreat, but I will have to break the silence to deliver a message to Nigeria, my “Fatherland.” It was early this morning Sunday the 31st of October that the Lord visited me in a dream. I was in a big show room, where a jumbo airplane was hung. It was suspended high up in the air; the plane was dirty, unkempt and full of cobwebs. I looked at it and felt very concerned about this waste. I then took a long sweeper and started cleaning it up. Suddenly the door to the showroom was opened and people poured in. To my utter amazement, they were completely oblivious to the presence of the plane and its current state of disrepair. There was a lot of socializing but no reference to the object on display. Soon after, I found myself addressing the crowd. I called them “fellow Nigerians.” I went further to explain that the plane belonged to all of us and we had to make sure that it flew again. The story didn’t end there. Right after this scene, the Lord started ministering to me. Thus saith the Lord, “Nigeria is the jumbo plane; a nation in distress and a sleeping giant. This is a nation endowed, richly blessed and preserved by my divine mercy. Arise my children and be concerned. Pray, fast, and speak life unto this nation. Prophesy new things; change, abundance, peace and joy. Do not watch from afar, unperturbed. Never say ‘it will not get better’. Hope for the best, expect the best and you will attract only the best.” As a ministry of God, we solicit the prayer support of every Nigerian for our nation (The Giant of Africa). Leaders, Pastors, Prophets, Laymen, Men, Women and Children are now being called into action. We have created a mess through greed, insincerity, lies, manipulations and many more. A sick person needs encouragement to move into a new dimension of wholeness and wellness. Medication alone cannot perform the miracle. It is only our faith and action that will see Nigeria through this time of turbulence.