Jesus Son of God: Follow in His footsteps and live

Some people are destined to lead, whilst others are positioned to support in various capacities. Idealists, Masters, Principles, and Concepts have always enjoyed great patronage from generation to generation. Leaders have come and gone leaving different impacts on the history of mankind. Some ideas and concepts made the world a better place, while some others have brought pain and suffering to humanity.As you proceed in your life’s journey, you will encounter people who will impact your life in one way or the other. Some will influence your spiritual disposition whilst others may guide you, concerning moral, aesthetic and such other values. Some role models are not physically available but yet through their writings or ideas you are guided into great enlightenment or disillusionment. From Darwin’s theory, to that of Existentialism and many more, the universe is daily evolving and so is mankind. The total man is however the one who goes beyond acquiring knowledge to applying it judiciously. The right application of knowledge is actually called wisdom. Intuition is however more powerful and of higher value. It guides and leads in a way that transcends reasoning. Being intuitive will enable you to receive instructions that may enhance your decisions or judgements. This gift is in fact a universal endowment most people do not utilize. It is innate and can be constantly tapped into and be developed on a higher dimension. Who are you following and what are your motives for following what they represent? Movements and associations, groups, and confederacies will continue to evolve and dissipate but your personal commitment to a cause will either come back to applaud your integrity or bring you utter contempt, shame, regret and most importantly eternal damnation.
With every commitment, you are writing an indelible story. History is being created and your role is being documented as a builder or destroyer of monuments. Here are some suggestions that will guide your journey towards relating to others and their beliefs, causes, principles, and many more.
1. Do not subscribe to any cause by impulse.
2. Study and get to know people before aligning with them.
3. You will need the help of Higher Consciousness, to direct your steps in crucial times.
4. There are many sides to a story, do proper research.
5. Watch out for underlying agendas.
6. Do not follow anybody, including friends, family, associates, sects or movements out of pressure to please or to gain a form of reward.
7. Every step you take, good or bad, will be recorded in the annals of history.
8. Do not compromise your integrity!