Jehovah Shalom: The Lord is Peace

The first man, (Adam) was enthroned over an environment of abundance, harmony and eternal bliss. Eden was in fact a type of Paradise, where the perfect peace of God was so much beyond human understanding. The master plan of God for mankind is to exist in a state of wellness, unshaken and unmoved. The spirit man, living in a mortal body is created to be also in perfect alignment with the spirit of the grand master. The kingdom of the heavenly Father is established first inside man to be outwardly manifested for the greater glory of the Creator and our survival on earth is tied to the state of our consciousness. Everything starts from within which is the anchor of our oneness with God. The perfect and true essence of God is exemplified in His name, Jehovah Shalom. Our heavenly father has never been an author of chaos, He presides over an orderly kingdom that is wonderfully and fearfully created. His plan, is for His children to enjoy the inheritance He has bequeathed them. They don’t have to be anxious or worry about anything, they are not to think of survival in a well endowed kingdom. God has already sworn concerning His gift of shalom, which is a total package of wholeness and well being. Isaiah 54:10, is an assurance of God’s love for the children of men. “For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee”

We are created by Peace, (Jehovah) in peace, (process) and ordained for peace. (manifestation) If this is the will of the father, why have we fallen short of this glory. The answer, is straightforward and precise, the inner man has been polluted with sin. The battle front for the devil is man’s soul or his subconscious. In the book book of psalm 23, David confirmed that the soul of man constantly needs restoration by God. He is the good Shepard, always guiding His sheep towards the still waters. His rod and staff directs us towards the path of righteousness which leads to His kingdom. Man is ever straying like a sheep playing a game of truancy, we fail to surrender to the sovereign leadership of the architect of our lives.   The eternal consciousness of God is still, calm and noiseless, so should be the state of our being, if we allow our spirit to yield to His pure and untainted spirit. We can become the true image of our heavenly Father or become counterfeits with no value, the choice is ours! Nobody, no situation can rob us of our peace, because it is not something that can be taken away unless we surrender it. We are the legal custodian of peace, through the DNA of our heavenly Father, it is embedded within us.

Just like the prodigal child, we can always come back to our heavenly Daddy. He is never tired of His children, when they squander the inheritance given to them and they repent, coming back home to seek repose on the bosom of their ever forgiving Father. Living in a chaotic world that we created in our minds, which has eventually manifested in the physical, has alienated us from the original plan of God. It is not only easy to lose focus in the midst of the madding crowd, it is very possible that we loose our identity as the serenity of God on earth. We are created to be powerful, bold and well grounded, not with chicken heart and lily liver. It is time to detoxify from within, and become new beings ready to resist every ploy of the enemy to banish us from Eden. When we have our eyes on the blue print we are able to reach our maximum potentials, living as kings, queens and priests; there will be no mountain that is too high to climb and no valley too deep to explore, we will surely be the true children of our heavenly Father. It is pertinent that we embrace our true identity, as an ever flowing fountain of peace, joy, and well being. There should be nothing missing, nothing broken or nothing to fix. Shalom!