International Network of Christian Intercessors presents: Praying for global peace and concerns. (Thursday, September 06, 2012)

Arise and stand in the gap!

Pakistan blasphemy case against fourteen year old Christian girl.

Mark 13:13

King James Version (KJV)

13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved

Dear brethren and intercessors, it is with deep concern that I implore you to pray without ceasing as biblical prophecies are unfolding before our own eyes. In Pakistan a fourteen year old Christian girl was accused of destroying the Qur’an. Police arrested Rimsha Masih, last month after a neighbor accused her of burning pages containing texts from the Muslim holy book. This is a serious offense in Pakistan that can attract life imprisonment or even death by mob action. The latest development is that, Police in Pakistan have arrested an imam on suspicion of planting evidence in the blasphemy case. Please join us to pray for the move of God concerning this issue and many others that will surface in the near future. Kindly join this prayer network by subscribing here.

Prayer Points

  1. Please continuously pray for peace in the world, and religious tolerance amongst all people created by God.
  2. Pray for Christians who suffer persecution across nations of the world.
  3. Stand in the gap and intercede on this young girl’s behalf. She is just a child and the God we serve is ever forgiving and ever merciful.
  4. Pray for the Christian neighborhood where Rimsha belongs, 600 of these family of God have fled for fear of being persecuted.
  5. Pray for Rimsha and her family. Ask for divine protection and intervention. Demand for angelic visitation at the prison where she is being held.
  6. Cover this young girl and her family with the blood of the Lamb of God.
  7. Ask God to anoint you to be an intercessor, in these end times. Pray for the passion to pray for others, without ceasing.
  8. Pray that truth and the righteousness of God will prevail upon the earth.
  9. Confess Psalms 46, 91 and Revelation 12 at all times. Read, confess and embrace the word of God.
  10. Bind every spirit of fear and intimidation. Be bold and have faith in the author and finisher of your faith, Jesus Christ.