International Network of Christian Intercessors presents: Praying for global peace and concerns. (Thursday, November 15, 2012

James 5:16

New International Version (NIV)

16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Please kindly stand in the gap and take these prayer requests to the foot of the Cross.

  1. Pray for Heather Lodato, Maggie Burr-Joseph & Kristin, Bob McKay & Emily Barrios. All need jobs-quickly. Pray against discouragement & pray for provision!! Thanks!
  2. Please pray for Kathy K. She is disabled with fibromyalgia and other health problems. She is expecting company before Christmas and is already working to get her house ready for that. It’s very difficult for her. Please pray for stamina and for good days, so she can get her work done. Healing would be great, too! Thank you.
  3. I am asking for prayers please, because my heart and soul truly believe they work. I broke my foot and ankle and am in a bout of depression. I also sprained my other ankle so walking and getting out is out of the question and I live alone. Please prayer for the pain and to have joy in my heart as I don’t slip into a deeper depression. I thank you.
  4. UPDATE JOEY KELLER… 11/6/12 – A.M. Please pray for Joey & his Dad & Mom. The MRI results are back this morning, showing via Dad~ “”a lot more cancer (in comparison to the one a month ago), all over his brain, & down his spine. Dr. thought maybe his (still) high heart rate was from a new lesion or cluster on his brain stem.” PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO MOVE, QUICKLY ~ showing mercy & grace to this precious child and family that have been through so much. GOD YOUR WILL BE DONE.
  5. Joyce Dupont…Pls pray for my hubby. He has a tumor, lung cancer, & is possibly going to have surgery(first was thought inoperable). He will be having an MRI TODAY 10/26 on his brain & liver, looking for hot spots.Needs some other tests & the Drs. will consult & decide by Monday. Please be w/our family, pray for peace, comfort & all decisions made, to be the right ones.God is the almighty healer & I lift him up to the most high. In Jesus name,I pray. Thank you for all prayers.,Please pray for Seniors facing varoius health challenges: 1.Tommie Nell 2. A.L. 3. Leroy 4. Willie Mae 5. Reva 6. Jean
  6. Cassie Long…. I ask for prayer for my oldest daughter. She is a Christian, but is struggling. PLEASE PRAY in agreement !!
  7. Joyce Dupont…….. My husband found out he has lung cancer on Tuesday. He goes in for a PET scan in the AM and we will find out next week about options. Dr. said it does not look operable. Please pray. Thank you for all prayers. PLEASE PRAY FOR MIRACLE OVERNIGHT!
  8. JOEY KELLER-“Still many unknowns. Think he’s been seizure free many hrs.Have been some significant apnea episodes that concern Drs. Having a lot cognitive challenges,in spite of being quite alert.Possibility there is residual damage from trauma,chemicals,low sodium.Good news,God is bigger than all!There still seems to be NO medical/science explan. for him posturing 10hrs after huge seizure,wks ago & him not having ANY symptoms of brain stem death/serious injury.Eliz & I give full credit to God.
  9. Teresa Freeman…. My father Cliff was just diagnosed with cancer 10/23/12. He is a great man of faith and knows God has his best in mind. Stand with my family as we walk this journey together. PLEASE PRAY ~~ Thanks!
  10. Billie Myers… There is someone in my life that I love so much and God knows their needs & I am asking for prayers from all of our Warriors that this marriage can be healed, for comfort and peace for everyone, in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen
  11. Pastor Okinyi….So please i request you for your prayers,pray for our dear Orphan children needs ,widows ,our families ,our church & our country Kenya more especially this time as we are facing to our general election next year..
    Let us proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
  12. Bette Rinker…… My daughter Alecia, her hand was crushed in an auto accident three years ago. Four surgeries later, she is still in terrible pain every day, and cannot use her hand. Please pray for her.