International Network of Christian Intercessors presents: Praying for global peace and concerns. (Thursday May 17, 2012)

Pulling down strongholds.


  1. Pray and pull down the stronghold of drug abuse that is fast destroying lofty dreams and ambitions.
  2. Pray against alcohol addiction that has become a cancer worm ravaging the lives of our youths.
  3. Resist and pull down every stronghold of adultery and prostitution that continues to proliferate sexually transmitted diseases destroying lives and shattering hopes.
  4. Come against strongholds of physical and emotional abuse, divorce and family disunity that have become the order of the day in our communities.
  5. Bind every spirit of greed and materialism that is pushing people to commit frauds, scams and many more. There seems to be no end to what people can do to have it all. Mighty men and women have fallen because of this self acquired sickness called “Grab it all’
  6. Pray for the church of Christ. The devil is on rampage in the church, greed, hate and pride are already destroying the monuments erected by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  7. Destroy the stronghold of pornography, that is preying on our children. Bind this demonic spirit that has found a new ground in little ones that are destined to become future leaders. We cannot allow the enemy to destroy the future, we must put up resistance!
  8. Here is a prayer request I got from a Pastor in India, please join us to pray:
    Greetings to you in Jesus Christ,
    How are you sister, please pray for this brother Nagaiah he is an orphan and since one year he is living in our Church, from the last week he is very sick  because HIV/AIDS please pray for him and help us to get him to the hospital for the medical checkups and treatment.