International Network of Christian Intercessors presents: Praying for global peace and concerns. (Thursday, July 12, 2012)

THE PRAYER OF JEHOSHAPHAT (2 Chronicles 20:1- 27)
7 days of fast and prayers

Then Jehoshaphat stood up in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem at the temple of the Lord in the front of the new courtyard and said:

“Lord, the God of our ancestors, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you. Our God, did you not drive out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and give it forever to the descendants of Abraham your friend? They have lived in it and have built in it a sanctuary for your Name, saying, ‘If calamity comes upon us, whether the sword of judgment, or plague or famine, we will stand in your presence before this temple that bears your Name and will cry out to you in our distress, and you will hear us and save

10 “But now here are men from Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir, whose territory you would not allow Israel to invade when they came from Egypt; so they turned away from them and did not destroy them. 11 See how they are repaying us by coming to drive us out of the possession you gave us as an inheritance. 12 Our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. ”

Prayer Points

  1. Declare the sovereign rule of God over the heavens and the earth. Declare His strength, power and majesty over all things.
  2. Reminisce upon His goodness and mercy towards you. Acknowledge His loving kindness and acts of grace.
  3. Bring God to remembrance concerning His covenant. (Psalm 89) Make your demands with reference to the blood of the Lamb of God
  4. Plead your cause! Report the enemy that has risen to kill steal and destroy you. Is it sickness, debt, foreclosure or unemployment? Tell your heavenly Father about everything.
  5. Ask your heavenly Father to preside over the situation and  stretch forth His mighty arms to deliver.
  6. Declare that you know not what to do and have no might to challenge this storm.
  7. Confess that your eyes are focused on God and your hope is built on nothing else but Christ the solid rock. (Psalm 121)
  8. Bind the spirit of fear and doubt. Rebuke every yoke of the enemy’s burden.
  9. Declare this as the Lord’s battle. Surrender all to the Author and Finisher of your faith.
  10. Believe in the Lord your God, believe that He is abundantly able to deliver and save.
  11. Worship the Lord, sing, praise and acknowledge the victory that God has given you.
  12. Share this prayer program with as many people as possible. Do not hoard this message, Share it in churches, ministries and fellowships. May the Lord reward your labor of love. Shalom