International Network of Christian Intercessors presents: Praying for global peace and concerns. (Thursday, April 26, 2012)

Prayer Points

Please join us to pray for the children of the world. They are the leaders of tomorrow and our hope in years to come. Pray that all children shall be taught of the Lord and guided by divine precepts.
Pray for your biological children. Declare, that according to the word of God, they shall be for signs and wonders. They shall be acknowledged as the blessed seeds of the Lord.
Stand in the gap for children in Nepal, who have little or even no option but to live in prison with their incarcerated parents. When there is no local guardian available, children are either turned into the street or made to stay with parents in jail cells.
Pray for Nepal as a nation and people. According to UNICEF, 55% of the Nepalese population lives below poverty line.
Do not sit on the fence, ask God to use you as a vessel unto honor and glory. Demand for an assignment, let Him know you are ready to do His will. Surrender yourself, do not worry about what you will eat or wear, just trust and obey. Our God is ready to satisfy all your needs, as you seek to further the work of the kingdom.