Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle

In my search for truth, for wisdom and for clarification when it comes to my life and my journey, I’ve been very fortunate to have been exposed to some life changing teachings and messages. These mind opening truths have come through many avenues like the church, social media sharing sites like pinterest, spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, my mother and many more. What good however, is the truth, if you never apply it to your daily life here on earth?

Today, I’d like to share one truth that has stuck with me through out the years; one message that you need to breathe and live each moment of your life, the one thing that I know for sure –“Nothing can add or take away from who you already are”. Before you can begin to live this truth, it’s important for me to remind you of who you truly are. When God said “Let us make man in our own image”, it had nothing to do with physical attributes. The simple meaning behind that phrase is that ‘we are as God is’. God is present in us as we are present in Him; as He is present in the birds of the air, the streams that flow, the air that we breathe. He is in everything and so are we.

I want you to imagine standing in front of a vast blue ocean. Now, see yourself with a water bottle in your hand. Take that water bottle and pour out a drop of water into the ocean. The next step is that I want you to extract that drop of water that you just poured into the ocean. I want you to take it back. I know, it is neither physically nor scientifically possible. That drop of water now flows seamlessly and perfectly as one with the ocean. It’s as if it had never been separate from that body of water.

So, I ask again, who are you? I see you and I the same way that I see God. We are perfection. We are the pure energy that is the source of all things in the Universe. We are more than flesh, we are perfect life. We are a creative force. Our dreams do not make or break us, our dreams are simply a manifestation of the greatness and perfection that already exists within us. We are the definition of pure love, so no one else out there can give us anything that doesn’t already exist within us. We are abundance. We have never lacked to begin with and no amount of paper that we put numbers on and call money can define us or add true value to who we are.

This life, this journey, is one that we’ve chosen. It is supposed to be fun. Live it lightly, enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff. Go forth, be, exist as the perfect manifestation of love that you are and every morning, as you begin a new day, remember that nothing and no one can add or take away from who you truly and already are.