I am responsible for creating my own happiness

God created man in his own image, to do all things through His enabling power. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13) Our heavenly father is ever whole and never broken; he is never stressed or afraid of anyone or ever unhappy. He takes delight in all things. Everything he made was to bring pleasure. He laughs at our silliness and lack of patience; He muses at our lack of faith in his word. God laughs at the devices and manipulations of evil people who have gone astray and are totally not in alignment with the true image. “He that sitteth in the heaven shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derison”. (Psalm 2:4) Happiness is actually our birthright, It is patiently waiting to be activated (put into use). It is not a corporate blessing rather it is an individual gift. Your happiness does not need validation by anyone to manifest itself. It’s yours and yours only. Everyone born of God possesses happiness, because it is a divine virtue of God; if we are an extension of God, the milk of happiness flows constantly to us from the heavenly parent. It is an essential spiritual nutrient.  Life is all about creating, the designs are actually drawn in the slates of our mind before they become reality. Your happiness depends on all that you design in your mind; You are in fact the architect of your own destiny.

Happiness is always a choice, it is a way to all that is harmonious and healthy; it is life as it is written by God. Our heavenly Father has set before us two choices; life and death. In His magnanimity, He encourages us to stay in alignment with life because He is life eternal and so are we by inheritance. Man must always be plugged in to God’s vibrations to sustain and transmit life, that is what is called “oneness with God.” How does this work? The only way we can connect with God is through the inner man; our spirit must connect with His. Our minds must be ready to receive and follow instructions from the author and finisher of our creation. When there is a constant flow of all things pure and beautiful in your thought process, you can never be anything but happy. All good things start with the thought of it. So does every crazy act like murder, robbery, arson, and vandalism. They are results of warped thinking that are out of sync with the purpose and plan of God. Happiness is always a result of pleasant thoughts, inspiring us to do wonderful things that bring us instant gratification of peace and joy. The only way to be happy and remain so is through determination and a consistent effort to focus on the true image and perfection that is in all things.

You may be wondering about how you can experience this bliss that seems so elusive, and totally out of reach. Of course you see the immense problems of this world we live in as a barrier to crossing over to Happy land. The fact is, your thought has always been the culprit and it is already working against you, so that you will never be free. The greatest truth is that your mind cannot operate by itself without your permission. You are the creator and initiator of your experiences. Moving from despair to hope, sadness to happiness will involve reprogramming both your conscious and subconscious mind. The belief system must change totally to be in alignment with the divine purpose of God. As we all know, there is seed time and harvest. This is the law of God; whatever you sow, you will reap. We are governed by principles and laws of God, which create after their kind. Thoughts are translated into utterances and actions, effects follow simultaneously. It is interesting to hear people talk about happiness as if it goes and comes, something or even a situation that cannot be controlled. This is not so true, real happiness is, it doesn’t diminish or tarnish-It is that indwelling peace that transcends human understanding, a river of joy and contentment that never dries up.