Hesitation: A Vice or Virtue

Some people call it being careful and well calculated, yet hesitation can become more of a vice than a virtue. Being indecisive is a major setback to goals and achievements. “To be or not to be” can steal the moment from a person. Some opportunities come once in a lifetime, and when they are gone, they can never be recaptured. Hesitation and procrastination are family members. Sometimes, these two can be mixed up, creating confusion about the right way to deal with the problem.

Hesitation has to do with being unable to take that necessary step and being unable to cross the line at the right time. It may be due to fear, confusion, and trust issues. The traffic light of life turns from green to amber and then red, you have to do what is necessary at a particular time, to avoid confusion or complete disaster. What then is the solution? The following guidelines will empower you:

  1. Life is and will always be a risk.
  2. Be a risk taker, and don’t ever be afraid to fail.
  3. Confidence will enhance your ability to take right and prompt decisions.
  4. Eschew fear. There is nothing to fear except fear itself.
  5. Be bold, be confident, be a line crosser.
  6. Always expect a good outcome and you will attract one.
  7. Have faith in your inner compass which dwells in you. It will never lead you astray, but bring you to the expected destination.