Healing The World

I have many times wondered about the wisdom that lies in many of our adages. One of such is “a house that is divided against itself cannot stand” We are the house and we are the world. The universe belongs to us, it can only be sustained through harmony. Without love there is no harmony, both are intertwined. Through loving one another and helping each other to survive, the divine purpose for creation will be perfected. Bitterness, strife, vandalism, and wars always affect the flow of positive energy and vibrations that sustain the earth. Every thought of superiority is also illusory and egotistical, depriving us of the ability to be in alignment with the true nature of our essence. Let us then vow to love one another unconditionally regardless of race color or pedigree,  healing the world through love and compassion. Let us strive towards building a new earth that is a haven to all.