Eternal immunity

We often give undeserved power to some forces, associations, confederacies and their actions. We fear and worry about consequences and effects of such evil imaginations and machinations, yet we fail to realize that it is our warped, unsaved minds that have relinquished the authority given to us as children of God. As long as we believe in any other power than the sovereign rule of God we will continue to be in bondage of torment and fear. Daily, we need to align ourselves with the truth, that there are no forces conspiracies or weapons that can hurt us unless we give them that power. Whatever we fear, we attract, whatever we magnify we serve. Do not magnify anybody born of a woman or any obstacle, magnify the Lord at all times. David the shepherd boy did not see Goliath the giant as anything but a spoil in the hands of Jehovah. (I Samuel 17:45,46) He saw Goliath as nothing before the mighty God of the universe, his confidence was in the Lord and not the problem. David conquered the giant in his mind before the victory was manifested in real life. It’s time for children of God to walk in the power of His strength. Remember that in Christ we are complete and more than conquerors. We have the power to rebuke, bind and pull down any strong hold, we can also trample on anything and declare them nothing before God. Shalom!