Celebrating Motherhood

The history of mankind is never complete without mothers who were specially formed by God to support (strengthen, encourage) their male counterparts. The creator of the universe knew that one person could chase a thousand whilst two would be able to confront ten thousand. The power of two (agreement) cannot be faulted in any way. Jehovah created a help meet for man so that both could tend and prosper in the garden of the Lord (Eden). “And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him an help meet for him” (Genesis 2 :18). Mother Eve, was uniquely created and endowed with character traits that would complement and enhance Father Adam. A bigger assignment given to women was that of nurturing life, women carry the seed till it becomes a fruit of life. The divine, uncorrupted image of the woman is that of love, care and tenderness. Women are also blessed with exceptional wisdom and intuition. I can never forget a story my mother told me years ago, she had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl in a cultural society where a male child was celebrated and a female considered second best. Her spirit was troubled, she loved her baby, but thought it could have been the other way around, a male child would be a bigger honor for her. The turning point in her life was the visit of her elderly uncle, a Bishop of the episcopal church, the man of God looked intently at my mother and said “You have given birth to a nation.” I still confess this prophetic utterance daily. I call myself, a mother of nations and a grandmother of generations. I am proud to be a woman, it’s a great call and a wonderful appointment. Every time I hear the word “Mom” a shiver goes through me, I recognize the call to duty. From fixing buttons on a shirt to fixing a quick meal or encouraging somebody, I am able to do all things through Christ that strengths me. (Philippians 4:13) I salute all women and wish them many more glorious years in the land of the living. Happy mothers day!