BREAKTHROUGH WEDNESDAY: Divine Appointment With God.


You will laugh!

Genesis 17
“15 Then God said to Abraham, “As for Sarai your wife, you shall not call her name Sarai (my princess), but her name will be Sarah ([d]Princess). 16 I will bless her, and indeed I will also give you a son by her. Yes, I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her.” 17 Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed, and said in his heart, “Shall a child be born to a man who is a hundred years old? And shall Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a child?” 18 And Abraham said to God, “Oh, that Ishmael [my firstborn] might live before You!” 19 But God said, “No, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son indeed, and you shall name him Isaac (laughter); and I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his descendants after him. 20 As for Ishmael, I have heard and listened to you; behold, I will bless him, and will make him fruitful and will greatly multiply him [through his descendants]. He will be the father of twelve princes (chieftains, sheiks), and I will make him a great nation. 21 But My covenant [My promise, My solemn pledge], I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear to you at this time next year.” 22 And God finished speaking with him and went up from Abraham.”

Prophetic Word: Thus saith the Lord, Hashem Adonai: I will put a new song in your mouth, a new dance upon your feet, a new joy in your heart. You will surely laugh!

*Join the family this Wednesday, 23, August, for a refreshing time in God’s presence. In His presence there is fullness of joy.

* No venue, no admission fee. The meeting place is within you. The kingdom of God is within you.

*Fast: According to your measure of faith

*Share this event with as many people as possible!