Begin Again


Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle

The holiday season is my absolute favorite time of the year. It’s not only a time to celebrate family, friends and tradition but also a time of reflection for most. A time to look back at all that the past year brought, both good and bad. For a lot of people, this time also draws focus to the things that are missing, the things that have been lost and the things that we’re still waiting for. It’s very easy to lose sight of all that is while yearning for that which is to be.

What’s also easy is telling everyone how much they have to be grateful for, without walking a mile in their shoes. I’ve spoken to so many people who are ready for this year to be done. They have been put through the wringer, they have become pessimistic and they have lost hope. Many have decided to take a rest from the race while others have simply quit altogether –they have no more fight in them.

If you have had a tough year, I want to say to you, accept what was or is, reflect on it, forgive each situation, others and most importantly yourself and then, begin again. If you’ve taken a break from the race or completely checked out, it’s time to put your running shoes back on, grab your water bottle and begin again.

You are much stronger than you think and you are much closer than you think. Leave what you believe you know behind–all the doubt, anger, disappointment and frustration that came with the past year need to be left at the curb.

Start afresh, looking forward. Trust in yourself and your internal GPS, know that seasons begin and they end. A new season is starting for you and you have the opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted, to have the love you’ve always desired and to be the incredible human being and spirit you were destined to be. Reach down deep into your soul where that glimmer of hope still flickers, for where there is hope, there is life. It is time for you to begin again.
Wishing you a joyous crossing into an EPIC 2014!

All my love,