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What if it’s not about the big picture?

Posted by: admin in: ● May 20, 2013

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle Whenever someone is giving me a pep talk, they often say “it’s all about the big picture, keep your eye on the prize”. I also often hear “in the end, these difficult moments won’t matter.” As an individual who looks at life as an incredibly intricate puzzle, I can’t help but […]

Some years ago, the Lord spoke to me in a dream concerning a time when the yoke of the beast will weigh down on the earth and it’s inhabitants. I delivered this message in a large congregation of children of God. As I continue to see the wave and style of violence amongst people and […]

Celebrating Motherhood

Posted by: admin in: ● May 11, 2013

The history of mankind is never complete without mothers who were specially formed by God to support (strengthen, encourage) their male counterparts. The creator of the universe knew that one person could chase a thousand whilst two would be able to confront ten thousand. The power of two (agreement) cannot be faulted in any way. […]

Big Dreams = Big Journeys = Big Faith

Posted by: admin in: ● May 6, 2013

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle If you have set out to do great things or live an extraordinary life, there will inevitably come a point in your journey when you will need to carry yourself to the finish line. In spite of how many people support you and your dreams, your faith and belief in yourself […]