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Eternal immunity

Posted by: admin in: ● January 31, 2012

We often give undeserved power to some forces, associations, confederacies and their actions. We fear and worry about consequences and effects of such evil imaginations and machinations, yet we fail to realize that it is our warped, unsaved minds that have relinquished the authority given to us as children of God. As long as we […]

The glory is here

Posted by: admin in: ● January 24, 2012

Early this morning, the Lord gave me a wonderful analogy. He said we  are the salad, a mixed grill and embodiment of His essence. The glory (Shekinah) is the dressing. He then told me to soak and marinate in the glory. Brethren, the glory is here for my benefit and yours. Dressing adds value to […]

Creating your world with your word

Posted by: admin in: ● January 14, 2012

It is interesting to know that the words we use daily can build or destroy us. We are living in an environment where words are tossed around like a sprinkle of salt which gives a meal the necessary flavor. Curse words, derogatory words, limiting and hurtful words all become the totality of what we become. […]

Prophetic Message for the year 2012: The valley of decisions

Posted by: admin in: ● January 1, 2012

Thus says the Lord concerning the year 2012: The day of the Lord is near! This shall be a season and time of staying in the valley for sober reflections. Hot or cold, good or bad, the decision must be made now. The Lord our God will judge the earth and nobody will stop Him. […]