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Optimism: A wonderful antidote for stress

Posted by: admin in: ● September 28, 2011

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at an acorn and already see a mighty oak? How about perceiving every image of despair as hope and transmuting every idea of sorrow into joy. Sounds too technical, doesn’t it? Well the idea is about focusing your energy on a positive outcome rather than a negative one. When you train your […]

There’s beauty in surrender

Posted by: admin in: ● September 26, 2011

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle Most of the time we think of surrender, the word that comes to mind is defeat. In the past, I’ve always thought of myself as a fighter, I fight for what I believe in, I fought for my past, I fight for my present and most importantly I fight for my […]

Sweet Memories

Posted by: admin in: ● September 12, 2011

Nineteen years ago, I lost my younger sister. It was sudden and tragic. The pain was much, the wound was very ghastly. My heart bled for the loss of a sister, confidante and friend. I thought I would never be able to laugh again. In fact, I lost hope in everything. Then, memories of good […]