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Watch and Pray

Posted by: admin in: ● August 30, 2010

Matthew Ch. 6 vs. 9-13 The people of this world are always busy. Stock Markets, Financial Portfolios, Business Meetings and many more consume our everyday lives. We invest money, time, attention and passion in many things but God. Failures, disappointments and catastrophes come as a result of wrong equations. Minus God is nothing whilst plus […]

“Food” for Thought : Basil

Posted by: admin in: ● August 30, 2010

Basil: This wonderful herb contains powerful antioxidant flavenoids. It belongs to the mint family. Basil complements stews, soups, pestos and salads. The wonderful fragrance of this herb brings the best out of your cooking. Basil just like mint is very good for a healthy digestive system. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties.

The Spiritual Law of Acceptance

Posted by: admin in: ● August 1, 2010

Much has been said about the law of attraction. There have been outstanding testimonies and many disappointments. How do we then explain this disparity in results? First of all, we need to understand that the universe operates under laws and principles. There are Physical and Spiritual laws. The law of gravity which simply states that […]