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Beyond Religions, Dogmas and Doctrines

Posted by: admin in: ● July 19, 2010

For centuries man has continued to search for his purpose in life. This curiosity has led him on a journey of who, how, why and what. Religions, dogmas and doctrines have been the order of the day. The wild goose chase is endless. The more he tries to put it in a box, the more […]

Freedom is not free

Posted by: admin in: ● July 5, 2010

John Ch. 3 vs. 16 How often we revel and bask in someone else’s glory (our rich parents, ancestors, notable friends and relatives). We boast about pedigree and achievement, forgetting that some people fought the wars, built the walls and labored to acquire the fortune we rely upon. Others died so that we might live. […]