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Celebrate the moment!

Posted by: zpdm in: ● August 31, 2009

Celebrate the moment! Isaiah Ch. 42 vs. 9 The journey of mankind is a mixed grill of ups and downs, good and bad, low and high. For every season, autumn, winter, spring and summer, there is a purpose and a reason. Every mistake, misstep or misfortune comes with a lesson and a meaning. Good moments […]

“Food” for Thought: Lentils

Posted by: zpdm in: ● August 31, 2009

“Food” for Thought Lentils: Ancient, giant member of the legume family. Good source of fiber and protein; help in lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar; contain beneficiary minerals that help promote a healthy heart. Lentils also prevent digestive disorders such as diverticulosis and irritable bowel syndrome. Cook like other beans, add carrots, corn or even […]

“Food” for Thought: Brown Rice

Posted by: zpdm in: ● August 24, 2009

“Food” for Thought Brown Rice: Whole grain and unpolished, packed with minerals, protein and carbohydrates. Brown Rice is chewy, tasty and high in fiber too. Consider changing from white to brown rice for higher nutritional value.

Fear Not!

Posted by: zpdm in: ● August 24, 2009

Isaiah Ch. 51 vs. 12 -13 Fear Not! Many times, we are bound by the fear of other people. The big boss, the mother-in-law and unfriendly friends who take delight in intimidating us. They all constitute our “Hell” according to the famous French writer, Jean Paul Satre who said “L’enfer c’est les autres” (Hell is […]

Discovering the power within you…

Posted by: zpdm in: ● August 11, 2009

John Ch. 14 vs. 12 Discovering the power within you…  Skeptics are always in their own little world of why, how, when? They are most of the time hindered by their own small minds. When you are guided by the true image of God’s love, power and wisdom, then will you certainly have a revelation […]