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Respecting the Earth and its fullness

Posted by: zpdm in: ● May 18, 2009

Psalms 24 vs. 1 Oil spillage, deforestation, air, land and sea pollution have all become the issues of now. Nobody cares about the sacredness of the Earth and its fullness. Desecration and absolute abuse of God’s property is the issue. God created the Milky Way Galaxy, the Solar System, and the Earth including everything that […]

Think About this…

Posted by: zpdm in: ● May 14, 2009

Think About This I have never ceased to wonder about the confidence of the birds of the air. They fly across the expanse of the sky with such authority, claiming dominion, flexing their wings and diving up and down to the amazement of the fascinated watcher. The fish of the sea also swim the length […]

Virtuous Women…

Posted by: zpdm in: ● May 11, 2009

Proverbs Ch. 31 To all virtuous women… This week, we honor all virtuous women. We salute all mothers for they are the pillars of the home and the nation. We appreciate the genuineness of all the women celebrated in Proverbs 31. What a pleasure and delight to be called a woman, a mother, for they […]