Heralding the Good News!

Luke 4 vs. 43

Heralding the Good News!

Every print media promotes the latest and most sensational news. Sometimes these news items are pure gossip. They are often unconfounded lies. In fact, they are not good news. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to herald a new perspective on life. He came with the good news that sets us free from hate, bitterness, anxiety, fear, lack and other world system beliefs. Jesus came to set the captives free. He brought a message of hope and not despair, love and not hate, abundance and not lack. He was sent for this purpose. Is your life guided by what your five senses tell you? Then you need to change! Today, embrace the good news of the son of God and be set free from all your limitations. Read and immerse yourself in the word of God and see how the joy of the Lord will fill your being.

Until next week,
        Pastor Tele