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Are you in or are you out?

Posted by: admin in: ● February 20, 2014

Guest Writer: Wemi Opakunle When I look back at my life, there are usually two things that pop out in my mind. The first is how worried I always was when things weren’t going well. The second is how well things always turned out in spite of my worry. I started thinking about this again […]

I am responsible for creating my own happiness

Posted by: admin in: ● February 5, 2014

God created man in his own image, to do all things through His enabling power. β€œI can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13) Our heavenly father is ever whole and never broken; he is never stressed or afraid of anyone or ever unhappy. He takes delight in all things. Everything he […]

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