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This is the time to pray!

Posted by: zpdm in: ● March 22, 2010

Hebrews Ch. 4 vs. 16 This is the time to pray! Economic crisis, wars, drought, environmental pollution, sudden disasters and pestilence have all become a common global experience. From Iraq to Sudan, Haiti to Philippines, Somalia to Nigeria and other nations of the world come the cries and agonies of pain. What will then be […]

Prophetic Word for 2010…There will be no more delay

Posted by: zpdm in: ● March 11, 2010

Prophetic Word for 2010… Revelation Ch. 10 There will be no more delay On behalf of Zion City Ministries Inc., I wish all our friends and partners a wonderful and prosperous new year. I proceed to express the prophetic word for the year 2010. “There will be no more delay,” says the Lord. As children […]

Becoming a Line Crosser

Posted by: zpdm in: ● March 11, 2010

Philippians Ch. 4 vs. 13 Becoming a Line Crosser  How often do we limit ourselves by color, race and pedigree? We give excuses about why we cannot do things or move forward. Fear, insecurity and doubt turn our substances into shadows. We become less of what God has called us to be and continue to […]

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